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Hello and welcome to the website of MIB

When you’re looking for a live band for your event, the internet is full of thousands of options and I know it can be pretty bamboozling (what a great word)

I was recently on a similar journey, looking for a band for my wedding. I had the silly idea that I’d like to give my lovely friends and colleagues in MIB a break for the evening, so we scoured the internet searching for a band that we liked. I heard so many versions of ‘Rather Be’ and ‘Uptown Funk’ that quite honestly, I hope I never hear either of those songs again (ha, just kidding, gotta love Bruno). We just couldn’t find a band that resonated with us, and in the end, we ended up booking MIB, and having the best night of our lives.

I’ve been running MIB, in various forms, for a good 15-16 years now, and honestly its taken me the experience of booking them myself to really be able to tell you why they are so great.

1) MIB love what they do – very much. You can tell from the minute they get on stage that they love what they do. There is no sense of going through the motions with this band – its a genuine love for music, for performing for you and your guests, and for being onstage with each other! This emanates in every note played and every word sung, and once they are in front of you and your guests (who, lets face it, are going to be pretty happy to be there!) its like one big giant love fest!

2) In a similar vein to point 1, the chemistry is electric. This is because whilst there is a rough idea of set list, the band tend to vibe off each other and the audience (and of course any ideas you have prior given them), so every performance is completely different to the last one. If you seem to be enjoying a song, they’ll break it down, they’ll add in stadium-worthy guitar solos or sexy sax solos, they’ll mash it up with some 90s classic pop, they’ll extend it and then segway into something else, all because the keyboard player hints at a riff from another song and the whole band decides to join in. Its like witnessing real life musical magic before your very eyes (ears).

3) A lot of bands you might be looking at (who are very popular and equally wonderful) are very staged & choreographed – pristine sparkly costumes, dance routines and big smiles. You don’t really get that with this band – but what you do get is something thats just as professional, but in my opinion perhaps more fun and exciting to watch (no offense to said sparkly bands – it really depends on what you want and what you like. We also run sparkly bands, so get in touch if thats what you’re looking for!) There’s something special about this…and I’ve not really seen it in any other bands I’ve come across. In fact, when MIB were chosen to perform for the Hyde Park Royal Wedding performance, to a reported 300,000 people, I asked the client what it was that made them choose MIB as the only band to perform. She told me that it was because of this very point.

So there you have it. This is not cheesy marketing schpeel, so I hope it doesn’t come across as so… this comes from real life experience of booking this band for my own wedding, and of course, having had the pleasure of running the band for so long, and I wanted to share with you what makes this band one of the best choices you can find in this (somewhat over saturated, hard to find what you want) industry.

If you have any questions at all and want to delve deeper into whether MIB are the right band for you, we’d be so happy to chat to you about it! Give us a call on 01483 511500 or email Sera@MIBmusicltd.com

Looking forward to helping you create the most unforgettable event

Sera Golding-Young
Company Director 

PS Check out the video of the band playing in Hyde Park below!