Tailor-Make Your Wedding Entertainment!

When you’re organising your big day, there is so much to think about! One fantastic way to not only save money, but also save time, is to book an entertainment package that covers all your live music for the entire day. The benefits of this are:

  • Its cheaper than booking separate suppliers. Our research shows, you can save up to 50% on all the extras!

  • Its a lot easier - we’ll take care of the whole thing - no worrying about whether everyone has the right timings/song lists/performance space

  • You and your guests will get to know the musicians throughout the day, and by the time it gets to the evening, you’ll be old friends! This makes for an even better atmosphere on the dance floor!

Outstanding Live Music Packages

We often get asked to tailor-make a package. If thats of interest, check out the price list below, but first of all we just wanted to showcase to you a couple of incredible packages that are popular for weddings - just to get your creative juices flowing! (If you'd rather a quote for just solely a band in the evening, starting at £3000 + VAT, send us a quote request here)


The Signed, Sealed Delivered Package

Solo Singer in Ceremony - Roaming acoustic band during drinks reception - Cocktail duo over your meal - 6 piece MIB band for 2 x 70mins sets in the evening reception

from £5220 + Travel Costs + VAT if applicable (valued at approx £8k + VAT)

The Uptown Funk Package

4 piece acoustic band in Ceremony - Buddha Bar Sax during drinks reception

MIB Undercover - we hide two singers, and two brass players, undercover at your wedding (usually as waitresses, guests, bar staff etc). Our jazz quartet will perform up to 2 x 45mins sets over the meal, and at the given moment (usually just after deserts) the hidden waitresses will burst into song, ‘persuading’ the band to join in with them! What then transpires is an incredible 20-30mins show, where one by one they come out of the wood work and shock everyone! -  See a video here

8 piece band for 2 x 70mins sets in the evening reception

from £7500 + Travel Costs + VAT (valued at approx £10k + VAT)


The Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough Package

Cocktail Duo (piano and vocals) to perform in ceremony - Jazz quartet during drinks reception - Roaming acoustic band during the meal, visiting tables - 12 piece band for 2 x 70mins sets in the evening reception - DJ to perform before/during breaks/after the band

from £9750 + Travel Costs + VAT (price if you booked these acts separately would be approx £12k + VAT)


Extra Performances

These prices are based on using the musicians that would already be performing at the wedding as part of MIB. If you’re interested in booking these acts on their own (without the main band) or are looking at a smaller lineup that doesn’t include the instrument featured in these extras, there would be a higher fee (for example if you have a 5 piece MIB booked, but would like the Buddha Bar sax)  we can absolutely arrange that, however please contact us for pricing


DJ - booking the DJ means you can make as many requests as you like (either on or before the night), encourage guests up onto the dance-floor and of course do any announcements over the microphone when the band are not playing - £500


Solo Singer - our singer can perform up to 2 x 45mins sets, perhaps in your ceremony (performing as guests arrive, during the signing of the registers, perhaps you could have a special song performed in place of a reading), during the drinks reception, or over the meal  (performing to backing tracks) - £300 


Cocktail Pianist - a beautiful element to add a classy and sophisticated atmosphere over the drinks reception or meal. This can be performed on a keyboard, or if you’d like to hire in a baby grand piano the pianist would love to use that (we have contacts for this, so please ask for recommendations). Up to 2 x 45mins sets - £300


Acoustic Duo - a guitarist and vocalist, performing (up to 2 x 45mins) acoustic versions of well known pop songs! A fantastically fun option for your wedding ceremony, drinks reception, or wedding breakfast - £480


Cocktail Duo - Piano and vocals, or piano and bass, performing beautifully jazzy renditions of well known tunes for up to 2 x 45mins sets (either on keyboards, or a baby grand piano if you have one) - £480


Jazz Trio/Quartet - Up to 2 x 45mins of jazzy background music. This can be with or without vocals, depending on the vibe you’d like to create - £720/£960

Extra Party Set - Book an extra 70mins of party music for the band to perform in the evening. This works for weddings or parties that run longer than the average event, or for clients who want to pack in as much live music as possible! - £60 per musician/engineer


Acoustic roaming/walkabout - a popular new addition to our options - four musicians to acoustically roam around the event (totally unplugged), performing to tables or small groups of people in the drinks reception or over the meal. Up to 2 x 45mins sets - £960


MIB Undercover - our incredible hidden/surprise singers act. This is (as far as we know) the only act to combine singing waiters with a live band! We hide singers (and often brass players too) undercover as waitresses/guests/bar staff/whatever we can dream up. The rest of the band will provide a jazz set over the meal, and at the given moment, the singers will one by one burst into song and shock everyone, ‘persuading’ the band to join in with them! You can see an example of this here - POA


String section - we have a number of fantastic string sections that we outsource, who can perform in your ceremony, drinks reception, or meal. We are also occasionally asked to incorporate them into the band, which sounds and looks absolutely stunning! - POA


Buddha Bar Sax - This is a really interesting alternative to the more traditional or commercial music you often hear at events. Our saxophonist will improvise over ibiza style backing tracks, either in a chill-out style (great for reception drinks) or over dance tracks (which works really well later in the evening when everyones ready to hear some house music!). You can also combine this with a DJ, and/or a live percussionist! 1 x 45mins set - £240 (1 sax), £450 (with percussion or DJ), £660 (for sax, percussion and DJ)

Prices are + VAT

If creating a bespoke package is more your thing, we have developed an extensive (and…of course, customisable) list of optional extras, based on services we have provided in the past. The beauty in this is, these are just to give you ideas. If there’s an idea you’ve got in mind that you don’t see here, let us know, and lets explore how we can make it a reality! Our musicians are all so experienced and flexible, and they love new challenges, so please do email us or give us a call for a chat about any ideas you might have for your event.


Here’s a few optional extras we’re excited to offer (prices are + VAT):



 Customise your performance

 Themed Set - we have offered many themed sets over the years, from 80’s pop to modern day chart hits, or 70s disco… if you have a theme in mind, we’d love to accommodate! If we can make it work without having to learn any new repertoire, we are happy to do this for no extra charge - No Additional Cost/POA


Song Requests - The band are happy to learn one new song especially for your first dance or special request, for no extra charge! However if you are looking for a more bespoke set list we can absolutely accommodate this and charge to cover extra rehearsal/learning time - £60 per musician (5 songs), £90 per musician (10 songs), £120 per musician (15 songs)


White Costumes - If you’re looking for a little more ‘pazazz’ perhaps you might like to consider our white costumes, which create a stunning effect! - £60 per musician 


Other themed costumes - We are happy to dress to any theme or colour scheme. Speak to us about what you have in mind - if we can make it work with the wardrobe we already have, we are happy to do this for free - or if not, we can cost up a price for buying in bespoke costumes and organise it all for you - POA


Traditional Israeli Music -  We have a very fun 15-20mins medley of traditional Israeli music for Jewish events - £36 per musician/engineer


Organisational aspects

Live sound in additional rooms/areas - Occasionally you may need a sound system set up in different areas of the venue. Our prices quoted include one system (for no extra cost), however if you need sound in another area, our engineers are happy to bring along a second system - £120 per additional area



Site Visit - in our experience we tend to find this is not really necessary, because we leave a lot of time for setting up where we can go over any special venue details once we’ve arrived, and we spend a lot of time planning and preparing via phone and email on the run up to the event. However, if your venue is particularly quirky and you would like us to visit and go over all the details beforehand, we are happy to arrange this! £120 + petrol costs


Extra Special & Bespoke Ideas

Bespoke song arrangements - lets say, for example, your best friend, your cousin and your auntie are all budding singers, and you’d like them to perform a song in your ceremony in three part harmony. We can arrange and provide a recording for them to learn and practice with. 

Or perhaps you’d like us to provide singers to sing your favourite song in three part harmony. We have some outstanding musical directors in our team who can do this for you and arrange notation for any song and any set-up, just as you’d like it. Just let us know the idea of your dreams, and we will put together a quotation for this - POA 



Personal first dance song - getting married is one of the most important days of your lives, and we want to help you make the day your own! We have access to some fantastic songwriters and producers, who can write and record a very bespoke first dance song, just for you. They will have a chat with you both, via phone or skype, and get a sense of your relationship, ask you how you met, any interesting stories, and anything you want to convey to your families and friends about your love, and will then set about writing you a romantic and beautiful (or hilarious and entertaining, if thats more your vibe) first dance song that you can keep forever. We can either provide a professional recording, or the band can perform it live (or both!)  - POA


Perform with the band! - previous clients who have taken us up on this have said that it was one of the best decisions they ever made! Have you ever dreamed about getting up onstage during your big birthday party, and singing to your friends and family? Or serenading your (very surprised) wife or husband on your wedding night? This idea is so much fun, and in all our years of offering this, we’ve never seen a performance go down badly! We offer a package where you can have three Skype singing lessons with one of our vocalists, to prepare yourself for the big day, rehearse with the guitarist, and the band will learn a song of your choice!  -  from £300


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