We bring the fun

factor to your event!


We were the band chosen to perform to 300,000 people in Hyde Park for the Royal Wedding...

and for many other weddings, corporate events, and private parties over the past 15 years

Here's the reason why...

We bring the fun factor everywhere we go!

We'd love to bring it to your event too...



Here's why we'd love you to consider us for your event

- We have flexible size options from a 4piece to 16 piece band. Whatever the venue, we have a band to fill it with smiling faces!

- We have more than a decade of unforgettable experiences performing at Events (weddings, corporate, private, public...anywhere we can entertain you, we'll be there!)

- We love performing all the best music for dancing from the past 50 years, from the latest no1 dance-floor favourite to the classics of days gone by

- We pride ourselves on bringing the fun factor to any event!

- We are a group of some of the most jaw-droppingly-talented and just-blimmin-lovely musicians and singers you'll ever meet (its true!)

- We LOVE what we do

- We're run by a professional and flexible management team who know exactly how to design the perfect entertainment for your needs

MIB are amazing! What a band! I'd reccommend you to anyone...

- Chris Evans (Radio DJ)

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