Working with a Theme

We often get asked about joining in with the theme of an event. This can be with just our dress on stage, a couple of songs for our opening numbers, or an entire themed set(s).

Here are just a few examples of themes we have done in the past:


  • 70’s/80’s – these era’s were so great for music and there are just endless choices of songs that are complete dance floor fillers!



  • 1920’s – we love this theme. We usually do it with our 12 piece band, which includes a 3 piece horn section which means we can really replicate the sound well. We can do this with the smaller line ups too, but we would advise having at least a 6 piece, which includes a horn player as opposed to an extra vocalist. We love to dress in this style, and it works really well using the style of music for the opening songs, and then going into our normal party music.



  • British Artists – this one is popular with corporate events and shows off what our little island has brought to the music scene in the past few decades. From modern artists such as Adele, Ed Sheeran and Amy Winehouse, going all the way back to The Beatles, Queen and The Spice Girls of course.

If you would like to contact us to discuss your themed events ideas, please do on 01483 511 500 or

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