Wedding Venue Visit Advice (Live Music)

We know that when you are planning your wedding, you have a million things to think about. From table centrepieces…guest lists…transportation…logistics….there is so much to plan! We are hoping this will be a helpful list to take with you when visiting your venue, for questions regarding your live music.

  • Space and load in. Where will the band be set up? Where will they load in from? Have a think about if this is going to disturb you at all. Most bands will arrive at 5pm to set up and soundcheck. We always allow 2 hours for this so just have a think about what else is going on in the time frame. There is always the option to arrange early arrival but 9 times out of 10, it can work after 5pm. If the band are going to be near by, just let them know what time your speeches are so no sound checks interrupt!
  • Talking of speeches, check whether the venue have a mic/PA system set up that you can use. If not, discuss with your band if they can provide this. If the PA/band are already set up they usually can, but you just might need to think about logistics if the speeches take place before the band/sound engineer are due to load in.
  • Sound limiters. Venues don’t always make it clear that there is a sound limiter. It the band are aware, they can work with the limiter instead of against it. Or if it is set really low they can advise about other options (using electric drums for example). Always ask the question to your venue, then let your band know and they will take it from there.
  • Dressing room and food. Most bands request a dressing room to get ready in and keep out of the way of your guests, and a hot meal to. It’s best to discuss this with your venue early on so they are aware.
  • Find out what time live music needs to stop, and if you can carry on with DJ music (sometimes the case).
  • Other music possibilities – when walking round your venue it’s really easy to get inspired with other ideas…a pianist as people arrive…a string quartet in the drinks reception. Here at MIB, we can provide all that for you, and it usually works out cheaper going through just one supplier. So get in touch with us and let’s chat through ideas! 01483 511 500

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