MIB pride themselves on having a huge repertoire, which is constantly evolving. You can guarantee that if theres a new song thats hit the charts and is a guaranteed floor filler, MIB will be playing it! This means that their repertoire is literally thousands of songs, so too long to put on this website and make it look pretty!

However, here’s an idea written below of what the band do. Its also worth noting that the band has a very free and live vibe to them, more so than other bands you may see – they tend to change their setllist on each gig depending on the mood/age range of their guests, what seems to be going down well, and of course what takes their fancy – so you can guarantee that every gig you see will be as exciting as the first time you’ve seen them!

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Sample Set Lists

We tend to try to keep things flexible when we play – so we can read the audience and ‘go with the flow’! But here’s some typical examples of what we might perform on a typical evening… (based on a 6 piece line-up)