Optional Extras

Having worked with thousands of clients over the past 16 years, here’s one thing we’ve learned… no two people are the same when it comes to what they want in a live music package. Yes, of course, there are trends and fashions that come and go as time goes by – perhaps one year singing waiters are all the rage, and the next year its all about ‘live lounge’ style acoustic sets, but we find that every client we work with has specific ideas about what they’d like to see and hear. With this in mind, we have developed an extensive (and…of course, customisable) list of optional extras, based on services we have provided in the past. The beauty in this is, these are just to give you ideas. If there’s an idea you’ve got in mind that you don’t see here, let us know, and lets explore how we can make it a reality! Our musicians are all so experienced and flexible, they love new challenges, so please do email us or give us a call for a chat about any ideas you might have for your event.
Here’s a few optional extras we’re excited to offer:

DJ: £300 – booking the DJ means you can make as many requests as you like (either on or before the night), encourage guests up onto the dance-floor and of course do any announcements over the microphone when the band are not playing.

Extra 70mins set: £60 per musician / sound engineer – a lot of clients like to use this as a smooth jazz set whilst guests are arriving, or as a swing set to start of the evening.

MIB jazz

Traditional Jewish Music 15mins set: £36 per musician / sound engineer

Cocktail Duo: £480 for 2 x 45 min sets – piano and vocal, or piano and sax works really well for this option, and is perfect for reception drinks or over the meal       *Please note, price would be a little more if applying to our 4pc MIB Rocks option (as we’d need to bring in additional musicians)

Acoustic Duo: £480 for 2 x45mins sets – guitar and vocals, perfect for over reception drinks or over the meal

Cocktail Pianist: £300 for 2 x 45 min sets – cocktail piano always sets a sophisticated mood at any event.  *Please note, price would be a little more if applying to our 4pc MIB Rocks option (as we’d need to bring in additional musicians)  

Buddha Bar Sax Set: £240 for 1 sax for 60mins – the ‘Buddha Bar’ set is based on the chillout Ibiza style tunes, and is a nice alternative to the more traditional jazz over reception drinks. This is very popular with corporate events and younger parties. Only available with the 6 piece band or bigger.       *Please note, price would be a little more if applying to our 4pc MIB Rocks option (as we’d need to bring in additional musicians)

Ceremony Song: £150 – our solo vocalist (a member of the band later) will perform the song of your choice during the ceremony. This is a nice alternative / addition to a reading, and you can choose any song that you like.

Live Sound in additional rooms / areas: £120 per additional area – for some events you may require the band to perform in different areas of the venue (eg. one set outside and one set inside). In order for the changeover to go smoothly additional gear and time is required, therefore there is a small charge.

Song requests: £60 per musician (for up to 5 songs), £90 per musician (for up to 10 songs), £120 per musician (for up to 15 songs) – we will happily learn one song free of charge for your first dance or special request. Any extra songs that are not featured on our latest repertoire list can be especially learned, rehearsed and musically arranged for the above fees. We wouldn’t recommend any more than 15 new song requests but if you would like to discuss this further please do get in touch.

National Graduate Recruitment Awards 2013

White Costumes: £60 per musician – very popular with Jewish weddings and other events that want a bit of ‘pazazz’!

Up to 30 live ‘Walk on Clips’: £60 per musician / sound engineer for up to a 2 hour ceremony – suitable for awards ceremonies.

Site visit before the event: £120 + petrol costs (please note, this is not usually necessary but sometimes our clients prefer to meet us and walk us through everything at the venue. We do find its absolutely fine to just speak to the venue on the phone beforehand, if we haven’t already played their before)

All extras are subject to VAT

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MIB experience

ALSO CHECK OUT www.theMIBexperience.com for the ultimate elite package for your event – a specially designed non-stop live music package featuring a plethora of options so you can taylor your own live music ideas!