MIB Undercover!

We are excited to launch MIB Undercover! A collaboration between our MIB Party Band, and Undercover Superstars, our singing waiters. We recently trialled this at a wedding, which is where the video footage comes from so we thought we would write a little bit about that wedding to give a behind the scenes look at how this act works.

First off, thank you SO much to Hannah & Ash for having us and letting us film at their wedding. They were the loveliest Bride & Groom and we have taken a mental photograph of them on the dance floor, having such a great time together and singing every word back at us, which will stay with us for a long time. And of course a great big thank you to Simon Biffen Photography for the wonderful images, and Jonathan and the team at Red Seats for the fantastic video footage.

The wedding took place at Merrydale Manor in Cheshire, and we arrived mid afternoon whilst the guests were having their drinks reception outside. We set up in a separate room, on a big stage overlooking the Wedding Breakfast. As the guests came in to take their seats, our undercover waitresses Judy, Rachael and Becca took to waiting the tables. The MIB Jazz Band performed some Jazz tunes to provide a great atmosphere whilst the guests ate their first two courses. After the mains, Judy took to the mic to ‘make an announcement’ about a lost handbag…and you can see how it all unfolds here;



Here is a little interview with Rachael, one of the undercover waitresses.

What are the differences between MIB and Undercover Superstars?

MIB is a 5-12 piece party band. I have sung with MIB for all 14 years of my singing career. With MIB we perform at all kinds of events from corporate parties, to weddings, birthday parties, award ceremonies, festivals…we also travel all over the world….Abu Dhabi, Duabi..we have recently performed for The Travel Awards in Jordan. We perform a range of music depending on what the client wants, from pop to Jazz, 1950’s rock and roll to modern dance music – we can be very flexible because we use great musicians, and we constantly read off the crowd, looking at what they like and trying to take them through a journey of awesomeness.

Undercover Superstars is an undercover singing act. Most of the time this is undercover singing waiters, but we have done all sorts of scenarios from singing firemen, guests, event planners, chefs… Usually the act happens over dinner, before deserts but again this is really flexible. It’s a 20 minute show, so wherever this fits within the event. The song choices are flexible too, we have set scenarios with songs included but work with the client to find what suits them. For example, we recently had an enquiry for Phantom of The Opera! For that one, I am not the right vocalist for the style of singing but we have a great pool of top vocalists so for this one we would use one of the more theatrical singers.

What’s your favourite thing about being an undercover singer?

I love how every event we do is different. We get there, we survey the room and we have to plan how the scenario is going to work. Most of the time, we have chatted it through with the client and have something specific to do but some times they leave it pretty free. What was great about the room at Merrydale Manor was that it had the big stage where the band could feature, there was plenty of space so Judy could be seen when making her announcement, and for us to move around the crowd after the reveal. I went 2nd and used the kitchen doors at the back. I burst out of those doors singing which surprised those tables near by, but the room was so big so everyone down the other end of the room was looking around confused as to where this voice was coming from. I love the look on peoples faces as you pass them singing and suddenly they click – oh that’s who is singing! We had an idea on the day as the room had a side door mid way down the length of the room, so we placed Becca (our undercover Sax player) outside this door and she had a big epic entrance half way through the second song, launching into a solo. I really love this creative side of making the scenario work to the venue. Every venue is different and presents different possibilities.

Tell us about Hannah & Ash’s wedding?

Oh wow! It was so great! I get goosebumps now thinking about it! Every one of the musicians came off stage going…wow I wish that could last longer! What an amazing crowd!!

It was the first time we had done the Undercover Superstars with the MIB live band, and it just made such a great atmosphere and the impact was huge! Instantly the guests just got up from their meal and started dancing. It was like a proper gig…but at 4pm!? The whole crowd were amazing and went on to party with the MIB Band until the early hours. Such a lovely crowd and they just seemed to love every single song. I know Hannah & Ash love their music, and this really reflected on to their guests and just created such a wonderful party.

A funny thing I wanted to mention; so in the video you see Judy start the scenario asking if anyone had lost a handbag? Well, at 1am as we were packing down, a mother and her daughter came over to me and asked me for the handbag as they had lost theirs! I had to explain to them that it wasn’t real, it was just something we made up to start the scene….this happens a lot! Once we had two undercover guests at a party, and the scenario was one of them proposing to the other. After the show they went back to the table where they had been sitting, and rejoined the guests that they had just spent the last hour talking (lying!) to. Even after going through the whole 20 minute show..the scene, the reveal, the songs, the big finish where we announce ‘we are Undercover Superstars’, the guests at the table still thought they had just got engaged and started congratulating them! Just shows what fabulous acting skills we have : )

Have you had any ‘oops’ moments being an Undercover singer?

Yes. I am ridiculously clumsy. I remember one undercover gig we did which was at an office, during the daytime. The client had brought in some caterers who had arranged this amazing sushi display, it just looked so stunning. There was a pile of napkins all rolled and positioned on top of each other. A masterpiece! Literally seconds before we were supposed to start….I somehow managed to stumble into them and knocked them all over! So embarrassing! But actually, it worked really well and we used this as part of the scenario to get into the singing – a bit of improvisation!

Why should someone book MIB Undercover?

Its new, its fun, its different! The undercover singers style of act has become really popular in the past 5 years, but this is just a whole new angle. Traditionally the undercover singers act is with classical music and often accapella, we transformed this when we started Undercover Superstars – taking this idea but using pop songs and backing tracks, and now MIB Undercover just takes it up a whole other level. Think about what a live band adds to an event….the energy you feel from them…and combine that with the surprise factor of your waiters bursting into song….it’s epic!

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