MIB gets a Christmas makeover!

The most wonderful time of the year is creeping up on us once again! Summer is officially over, and everyone is now thinking Christmas parties! Well, you are not alone. We too are very much thinking about Christmas.

We have given MIB a Christmas make over and are now offering a themed version of the band. It’s time to dig out the Santa outfits!

MIB is our experienced party band that perform at a range of events from corporate events, to weddings to festivals and more… However for the Christmas season they are donning their santa hats and we are offering;

A Vocal Trio – 3 vocalists performing a mix of Christmas and pop tunes with backing tracks. Dressed in glamourous, sparkly outfits that fit the theme & performing a dynamic party set.

Our MIB 7 piece – featuring the above 3 vocalists, backed by guitar, bass, keyboards & drums.


We understand that every event is different so work with our clients to put together the best scenario for your event however as an idea of how it can work, we offer;

  • 2 x 70 min party sets, featuring a mix of popular party tunes and of course plenty of Christmas hits
  • 1 x 70 min set of uptempo Christmas Hits, and 1 x 70 min set of other popular party tunes
  • 1 x 70 min set of background Christmas songs (for while guests arrive, for example, or over dinner) and 1 x 70 min set of Chrismas party tunes later in the evening
  • 140 minutes split into small sets (this is more suitable for shopping centres and all-day events that want to have the band performing over a long period of time)

We can perform the whole evening in our glitzy red festive themed Costumes, or perform one set in smart blacks.

Get in touch to discuss your party and lets get snowstorming (brainstorming!) those ideas! 01483 511 500 or enquiries@mibmusicltd.com


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