Fun, Quirky Idea For Your Next Big Meeting….

We are loving the reaction to our bespoke packages at the moment, and we so love putting them together.

We have had a client come to us who wants some ideas for their meeting next year, as they are trying to impress an important contact and want to show their fun side.

Our idea is this….as the meeting is relatively large (25-30 people), we are going to plant 3 undercover singers in the meeting. They will be dressed and introduced as members of the company at the start of the meeting and will take part in the first half hour of the meeting.

The song chosen is ‘Simply The Best’ so at the point where he is talking about the company’s morals and how important their clients are to them, and how they want to be a accessible service that is there when their clients need them, our first singer, Sandra, will be sat there casually and start singing ‘I call you, when I need you, my hearts on fire….’…pause for awkward silence……’you come to me come to me wild and wired…Oh, you come to me….give me everything I need.’

Then, out of nowhere John, our second singer, stands up and starts singing the next verse, which Sandra stands up and backs him up with some soft ‘ooohs’. As they reach the chorus, up jumps Steve with ‘Your Simply The Best!’. We imagine everyone clapping along by this point, and as the singers take to the 2nd verse they will break into a 3 part harmony along with a few choreographed moves. The reason we put this bit in is because you can imagine in this situation there might be a few other keen singers who might not realise what is going on and want to join in, so to show off the professionals we decided that the second half of the song should be more choreographed and a ‘show’.

The aim is to bring a great vibe and atmosphere to the meeting, and also show that this company are great fun to work with. After the performance the meeting will continue with the more serious business, but our client is hoping this will be a meeting their contact will never forget.

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