An Example of a Corporate Package

We love to organise bespoke packages for our clients so we thought we’d share one we have been recently working on for an event coming up.

The brief from our client is for us to provide atmosphere at a networking event, to break the ice (as often people don’t know each other at these events) and then provide a party atmosphere later on.

As the guests arrive we will perform with our piano and vocal duo – performing well known songs in a new arrangement. For example, ‘Sex on Fire’ by Kings Of Leon – once you break this song down, it’s a beautiful song and works really well in this style. We know from previous events that doing something like this really creates a conversation point for people. They will hear a song, slightly recognise it and think, ‘how do I know this?’ and then they will discuss it with who they are talking to. It just adds a different element to their networking conversation. It’s tried and tested – we have watched this exact scenario happen many times before.

The piano and vocal duo will perform for 1 hour while the drinks reception takes place before everyone moves into the next room for their dinner.

Over dinner, our 5 piece line up will perform some light, background jazz. This will give people the opportunity to get deep into their networking conversations. The idea behind this choice of line up and style is that the music won’t be too intrusive, but will still provide an atmosphere.

After dinner, they will have a couple of speeches. Our Saxophonist is going to play a few ‘stings’ (clips of music) as the speakers come up to the stage. We have gone for a Buddha Bar/Ibiza style for this. So the music will be thumping dance, but with atmospheric saxophone improvising over it. The clips of music will only be about 30 seconds long but it will create a great build up for what is coming next. As the last speaker finishes, the lighting crew (provided by the client) will create a single spotlight on our saxophonist.

At this point she will be improvising acoustically, and the light will follow her as she makes her way from the speeches area, through the crowd to the main stage which is now behind a curtain. As she comes to a big crescendo in her playing, the stage curtain will pull back to reveal our 12 piece line up dressed in white, and the whole band will kick into the first set. What an opener! We have butterflies just thinking about it!

The band will then go on to play 2 party sets, finishing at 1am.

We can’t wait for this event!


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